Thursday, July 7, 2011

What is Sri Lanka Philatelic Bureau?

The Stamps of Sri Lanka are equally vivid in their appearance depicting its glorious past, the fauna and flora, the agriculture and industries, the divergent religious and cultural heritage.

Stamp issues of Sri Lanka started in 1857, when it was under the British Regime. In 1948 it became an Independent Republic and the Philatelic Bureau was established in 1968 under the authorities of the Department of Posts.

The stamps issued by the Philatelic Bureau of Sri Lanka give a Glimpse of the past and the present of this Land of Serendipity.

Sri Lanka Philatelic Bureau is a division of the Sri Lanka Post that responsible for designing and printing of stamps consuming in the Island.

It distributes stamps and other philatelic items among local and overseas stamp collectors.

Philatelic Bureau conducts various philatelic progarammes islandwide and participates in local and overseas philatelic exhibitions on behalf of Sri Lanka Post.

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