Saturday, October 20, 2012

Health Benifits of Pumpkin

Here's what the hearty pumpkin
delivers (in addition to delighting the
taste buds):
Vitamin A :
Contains some of the
highest amounts of beta-carotene
which our body converts to
Vitamin A, which is both anti-
inflammatory and an anti-oxidant.
Vitamin A also promotes the
health of our lungs and
cardiovascular system.
B Vitamins :
Rich in folate (B9), a
helpful vitamin to support healthy
colon cells and prevent colon
cancer. Folate also helps to

produce red blood cells, proper
brain functioning and contributes
to the heart functioning well.
Carotenoids :
Pumpkins are beautifully orange because of their high carotenoid content. Carotenoids are effective at helping us to stave off free-radicals and disease and giving our eyes an extra boost.
Pumpkins have a high
amount of dietary fiber which
helps accelerate food transit and
also protects colon cells. Pumpkins
are low in calories and the high
level of fiber helps reduce LDL
(bad cholesterol).
Vitamin C :
The high vitamin C
content in pumpkins helps to fight
free radicals and strengthen our
immune system combatting
common ailments. Vitamin C also
helps produce collagen,
promoting healthy skin.
Potassium :
A potassium-rich diet
has shown to reduce the risk of
cardiovascular disease and
hypertension. Potassium also
helps to lower blood pressure and
to help restore electrolytes.
Protein :
Pumpkin seeds, also
known as pepitas, are a terrific
source of protein. The seeds are
also a rich source of plant-based
fatty acids (phytosterols) and can
help to reduce cholesterol.
Phytosterols can also lower the
risk of prostate cancer.
Essential Fatty Acids :
Also found
in the pumpkin seeds are the rich
source of essential fatty acids.
These are especially helpful in
promoting healthy skin and brain
power along with protection
against high blood pressure and
Magnesium :
Found in both the
pulp and the seeds, magnesium is
necessary for the healthy
maintenance of our bones and

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