Thursday, November 1, 2012

Guidance Concerning Sleep

Guidance Concerning Sleep

There are beneficial and harmful methods of sleep. Our body should not be burdened with oversleeping or by excessive eating. The Prophet (A.S.) did not oversleep or deprive his body of necessary sleep, making his method in this regard the most perfect.

The best method of sleep is for one to sleep on his right, so that the food stays in the stomach comfortably and in this position the food in easily passed out of the stomach to the next organ of digestion. Sleeping on the left for a few moments can help stomach lean on the liver and help in producing liver enzymes. However, if one sleep on left for longer time the heart is affected, as it has to bear the weight of the other organs for which it needs more blood to do its usual function.

Worse method of sleep is when sleeping on the stomach. No scientific reason is given but hippocrates said that sleeping on stomach testifies to the weakness in thought or that he is suffering from stomach pain.

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