Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Anti-Muslim campaign harmful to Sri Lanka

What is the motive of those who are behind the Anti-Muslim campaign in Sri Lanka? 

Since the campaign began just before the Sri Lanka issue being taken up at the United Nations Human Rights Council sessions in Geneva, the question that arises is: Was it to deprive Sri Lanka of the votes of the Muslim countries?

The Government should find out who is financing this movement. I urge the President to check on this and take necessary action.

I feel that the aim of these groups is not only to deprive us of those the vote but also the remittance from our workers employed in West Asia. If the West Asian countries decide to close doors on Sri Lankan workers, what will be the fate of our economy?

Therefore, the authorities should nip the anti-Muslim campaign in the bud. Otherwise, all of us will suffer.

S.G. Gunawardene

Thanks: Sunday Times (Letters to the Editor)
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