Friday, November 22, 2013

Top 5 Amazing Airports in the World

The travel is always a fun, the most common mode of transportation to go from one country to other country is by Aeroplane. Even the Richest Countries would love to have an Amazing Airport for them as it reflects their Architectural Skills of them

The List of top 5 Amazing airports in the World

1) John F.Kennedy Airport Newyork

Best Airport

  • The Airport code is JFK and the 6th Busiest Airport in the United States of America
  • It is built in 1948 and renamed for the American President Kennedy in 1963
  • It is Situated in Borough of Queens which is 15 miles from Manhattan
  • It has 8 Operating terminals with 125 gates serving over 70 airlines 
  • Terminal 4 has an Internal Airtrain station to take passengers to city subway which makes your journey more smoother as there on you can go to your travel destination esaily
2) Madrid Barajas Airport
Amazing airport
  • The Airport code is MAD and it is an Bridge that connects Europe, Central and South America
  • Madrid has 4 Operating terminals, where as 1,2,3 are Serving Spanish Carriers 
  • The Terminal 4 for international carriers, it is located 15 kms from the city centre
  • Madrid is a mixture of ancient and Modern Architecture
3) Beijing International Airport
Best and Cool Airport
  • It is the first busiest airport in Asia, the Second Busiest in Whole world
  • The Airport code is PEK, it has 3 Operating terminals
  • The terminal 1 is for Domestic carriers, 2 is for international carriers and third was construced for the sake of Olympic game visitors
  • Over 70 Airlines are flying to 200 cities from the Beijing International Airport
  • It is Located 20 Kms away from the North Central Beijing, so  as people can easily catch airport
4) Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore best airport
  • The Airport Code is SIN, the 17th Busiest airport in the world
  • Recently it won the title of Best Airport in the World on 2013  World Airport Awards held at Geneva
  • It has only one terminal at the time of construction, no two terminals are added
  • It serves a Low-Cost Carriers in Asia, more than 19 Million passengers will come to the airport every year
5) Hong Kong International Airport
World best Airport
  • The Airport code is HKG, it is world 10th Busiest Airport in the World
  • Around 50 Million passengers yearly, more than 95 Airlines are travelling to 160 cities from this Airport
  • It is located 32 kms away from the Central Businees District and Have only 2 Operating Terminals
  • It is Voted as Best Airport in the World on the Year 2011 by an famous Traveller Magazine
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