A Scientific Explanation for Ghosts?

Are you hearing weird sounds, briefly seeing ghostly images, feel a presence in the room with you, or an inexplicable and sudden sense of overwhelming fear?

Marriage: God’s Gift to Humanity

A couple is able to fully give love and devotion to each other, raise healthy children who are fully secure in having both a loving father and mother Marriage is an exclusive right given to human beings.

Maths is a Problem? The Solution for all types of Maths in a Second.

Maths becomes the hardest subject to many people, interestingly even some Maths Teachers troubles to get Answered, Now that problem is Solved. Now you can get your questions answered in seconds...

Can We Breath Other Gasses Mixed With Oxygen?

A s you may or may not know, oxygen is only second most abundant gas in what we call ‘air’. Nitrogen takes the top spot, accounting for ...


Someone framed them, I don't know who exactly did it. They cowards they shot the boy dead, there are cops like this. Those are my kids, you know, I am afraid for my other boy, may be he will be shot dead too. They should arrest him, may be bring him but alive, alive. Justice should decide who is right and who is guilty.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Facebook opens first international engineering centre in London

The sun rises behind the entrance sign to Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park before the company's IPO launch, May 18, 2012. REUTERS/Beck DiefenbachLONDON (Reuters) - Facebook's first engineering centre outside the United States opened in London on Tuesday, boosting the British government's ambition to make the digital economy a central plank of its growth strategy.
The company's vice-president of engineering, Mike Schroepfer, said that London is "rapidly emerging as a global technology hub", providing access to the best engineers and a place where other talented engineers would be willing to relocate.
The London team will develop products to improve the Facebook experience on mobile devices and perform work on the social network's platform, Schroepfer said.
Developing mobile products is a priority for Facebook. The social network crossed the billion threshold this month, but it has struggled to make money from the growing numbers of people accessing its services on smartphones.
 British finance minister George Osborne, who attended the opening in Covent Garden, central London, said that Facebook's move highlighted the attractiveness of the city for technology businesses.
"I hope it also reflects something of the work we have done as a government over the last couple of years to make this a go-to place for technology businesses," he added.
Osborne said the government had taken a range of measures including better computer science teaching, the expansion of superfast broadband and the improved availability of government data to apps developers.
Facebook's initial 12-strong team is headed by engineer Philip Su, who relocated from Seattle, site of the company's first engineering centre outside California. Su said that he has already recruited a handful of people locally.
(Reporting by Paul Sandle; Editing by David Goodman)

Microsoft CEO says Windows 8 sales rate higher than Windows 7

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said on Monday sales of the company's new Windows 8 operating system, released to the public on Friday, were running at a higher rate than its last release, Windows 7.
"We're above where we were with Windows 7," Ballmer told the audience at an event launching new phones running Microsoft's phone software called Windows Phone 8.
Windows 7 is the best-selling version of Windows so far, selling more than 670 million licenses in three years since release in 2009.
(Reporting By Malathi Nayak; Editing by Gerald E. McCormick)

What Is The Deepest Lake In The World?

Lakes typically aren’t thought of as deep and many would incorrectly assume that one of the Great Lakes holds the spot for the deepest – after all, they were carved out by glaciers during the last ice age. So if one of the Great Lakes isn’t the deepest, which lake is?
The Deepest Lake In The World
The current title holder is Lake Baikal of Siberia in Russia. It’s over a mile deep (5,387 feet) and is also the most voluminous fresh water lake on Earth containing nearly 20% of the world’s unfrozen fresh water.
Its incredible depth was created when Earth’s crust was pulled apart due to tectonic activity and created a rift. This ‘gap’ was eventually filled with fresh water. The lake is estimated to have been created over 25 million years ago which makes it also the world’s oldest. Because of the depth, clarity and remoteness, researchers will be deploying a ‘neutrino telescope’ in the lake. At a dept of almost .7 miles will lie the Baikal Deep Underwater Neutrino Telescope (BDUNT). It will consist of separate 192 optical modules
The silver medal goes to Lake Tanganyika, located in Africa, which is also a rift lake. It is .93 miles deep at its deepest and like Lake Baikal, is also a rift lake.
Deepest Lake In The United States?
The Great Lakes still don’t hold a candle to Crater Lake. Crater lake is a caldera lake located in southern Oregon. It is nearly 2,148-foot deep and is known for its incredible clarity.
crater lakeThe lake was formed inside a dormant volcano caldera and it is believed that it took 720 years for rain and snow to fill it to its current depth because no rivers or tributaries are connected to it. It is also the reason for it’s unusual clarity which was measured by scientists at 142 feet in 1997.
Crater Lake is also known for the “Old Man of the Lake”, a full-sized tree which is now a stump that has been bobbing vertically in the lake for over 100 years.
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