A Scientific Explanation for Ghosts?

Are you hearing weird sounds, briefly seeing ghostly images, feel a presence in the room with you, or an inexplicable and sudden sense of overwhelming fear?

Marriage: God’s Gift to Humanity

A couple is able to fully give love and devotion to each other, raise healthy children who are fully secure in having both a loving father and mother Marriage is an exclusive right given to human beings.

Maths is a Problem? The Solution for all types of Maths in a Second.

Maths becomes the hardest subject to many people, interestingly even some Maths Teachers troubles to get Answered, Now that problem is Solved. Now you can get your questions answered in seconds...

Can We Breath Other Gasses Mixed With Oxygen?

A s you may or may not know, oxygen is only second most abundant gas in what we call ‘air’. Nitrogen takes the top spot, accounting for ...


Someone framed them, I don't know who exactly did it. They cowards they shot the boy dead, there are cops like this. Those are my kids, you know, I am afraid for my other boy, may be he will be shot dead too. They should arrest him, may be bring him but alive, alive. Justice should decide who is right and who is guilty.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

License to kill

Is Australia's moral compass being called into question as opinions change about euthanasia?

It is illegal in Australia, taboo across Asia, and a political and moral minefield to boot, yet poll after poll shows 80  percent of Australians want voluntary euthanasia introduced.

The nation shocked the world in the 1990s when the Northern Territory became the first place in the world to permit voluntary euthanasia.

The controversial law was almost immediately repealed, but now euthanasia is back on the agenda as it grapples with an ageing population coupled with huge advances in technology that mean many people face a medicalised, prolonged and costly death.

As Australia’s state parliaments debate euthanasia bills, the hysteria surrounding the issue is matched only by its ethical complexity and the number of heart-rending stories it generates.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Design That Conquered Google

  Google used to divine good design through data. Fred Gilbert, the lead designer of Google’s social products, says that when he joined the company in 2006, as an intern, and again in 2007, as a designer for Google Maps, “You had to pass tech interviews and be a good front-end coder to be a designer at Google.” The result, he added, was that “You had a homogenous bunch of folks who were largely left-brain.” This was the Google that infamously tested forty-one shades of blue to determine which one should be used in a toolbar; the Google that lacked any sense of common design language across its dizzying and disparate array of products, from YouTube to Gmail to Google News; the Google that, as late as 2009, according to its first visual designer, Douglas Bowman, was “without a person at (or near) the helm who thoroughly understands the principles and elements of Design.”
It was also the Google that was run by Eric Schmidt, with design choices led by Marissa Mayer. In April, 2011, the Google co-founder Larry Page took over as C.E.O. Besides moving to streamline Google’s increasingly sprawling scope as a company, he immediately launched Project Kennedy, an initiative to give all of Google’s products a more consistent look, so everything would be easier to use.
And, over the past two years, a steady trickle of more designed products—marked by tasteful typography, artful use of white space and flatness, full-bleed imagery, and a general sense of restraint—has emerged from Google.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Very Funny Sardarji

Once a Sardarji went to a electronic shop, he asked the shopkeeper"
what is the price of this TV?".

The shopkeeper answered "we don't sell our products to sardarji".

The sardar again came next by cutting his beard and asked
"what is the price of this TV?".

The shopkeeper replied "we don't sell our products to sardarji".
The next day sardar came without tubun with a different face and  asked "what is the price of this TV?".

the shopkeeper replied "we don't sell our products to sardarji".

Finally the sardar got irritated and asked the shopkeeper"

how do you recognize me every time?"

The shopkeeper replied "this is not TV it is Microwave"

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rescue operation after Myanmar boats sink

Vessels with 200 Rohingya Muslims evacuating camps ahead of storm sink, leaving only one survivor, say UN officials.

Boats carrying about 200 Rohingya Muslims who were evacuating ahead of a storm have capsized off western Myanmar, killing all but one person, UN officials have said.

The vessels hit trouble on Monday night after leaving Pauktaw township in Rakhine state, said a spokeswoman for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

"They were travelling to another camp ahead of the cyclone," the spokeswoman added.
Kirsten Mildren, who works for the same UN agency, told Al Jazeera there was only one confirmed survivor from Monday's accident.

Burma Muslims Need Our Help & Dua

Assalam Alaikum Wa Rahmath Ullahi Wa Barkatahu
Muslims in Burma need our Help & Duas
(look at the Janaza salaah and the anguish on their faces
- if this doesnt touch our hearts , nothing will -
May Allah Ta'ala grant them all Sabr and those who have passed on-

Thanks for your support,

Brothers in Islam

People react as the bodies of victims of a fire are brought for their funeral at yaeway cemetery in yangoon
April 2,2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

Mr. Bean Letter To Bill Gates

Dear Bill Gates,

I bought a Laptop (Windows7) for me and I found some problems which I wanted to bring to your attention.

1. There is a button "START" but there is no "STOP" button, I want to request you to check this.

2. Another Doubt, Is there any "Re-Scooter" Available in the System? I find only "Re-Cycle" but I own a scooter in my home..

3.One Personal question, how does it Happened..? Your Name is 'GATES' but you are selling the products as 'WINDOWS'!! I recommend you to recheck the Name..

Mr. Bean

Survivor found in Bangladesh rubble

Garment worker found alive, 17 days after Dhaka building collapse left more than 1,000 people dead.

A survivor has been found in the rubble of a garment factory, 17 days after its collapse left more than 1,000 people dead.

The woman, who identified herself to rescuers as Reshma, had cried out for help as recovery teams sifted through the remnants of the Rana Plaza in the outskirts of Bangladesh capital, Dhaka.

"She has been located in a gap between a beam and a column. She may have reserves of water or have drunk some of the water that we've pumped into the building," Ahmed Ali, fire service chief, told AFP news agency.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Best Misunderstanding Ever..

Wife comes home late at night and quietly opens the door to her bedroom.
 From under the blanket she sees four legs instead of two! 
She reaches for a baseball bat and starts hitting the blanket as hard as she can. 
Once she's done, she goes to the kitchen to have a drink.
 As she enters, she sees her husband there, reading a magazine.
 "Hi darling", he says, 
"your parents have come to visit us,
 so I let them stay in our bedroom.
 Hope you have said hello to them

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Dalai Lama condemns Buddhist attacks on Muslims in Myanmar and Sri Lanka

The Dalai Lama has implored Buddhist monks in Myanmar and Sri Lanka to put an end to a series of recent attacks on Muslims in their countries, according news agencies.

The media quoted the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader as having said on Tuesday night that he was concerned about the ongoing wave of attacks. He was responding to questions following a speech he delivered to 15,000 people at the University of Maryland. He condemned all killing being carried out in the name of religion and then turned to his own religion.

Dalai Lama alleged that Buddhists, including monks, were responsible for recent violence against Muslims in Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

Myanmar has been wracked by sectarian violence that has displaced tens of thousands over the past year, while Sri Lankan Buddhist groups have recently attacked Muslim businesses.

Thanks: The Island (http://www.island.lk)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sayed Qutb: The Qur'anic Cure

[We bestow of the Qur'an from on high what serves as a healing and a blessing to true believers, while it only adds to the ruin of the evildoers. 

Yet when We bestow Our blessings on man, he turns his back and draws arrogantly aside, and when he is afflicted by evil he gives himself up to despair. 

Say, "Everyone acts according to his own disposition. Your Lord is fully aware as to who has chosen the best path."] (Al-Israa' 17:82-84)

There is certainly a cure and a blessing for those whose hearts are full of faith. Such hearts brighten up and become ready to receive what the Qur'an imparts of grace, reassurance, and security. 

There is in the Qur'an a healing power that cures obsession, anxiety, and hesitation. It establishes a bond between believers' hearts and God. This bond imparts inner peace to believers as they experience a feeling of security in God's protection. They are happy and satisfied with what they receive from God and contented with their lot in life. 

Anxiety, hesitation, and obsession are all terrible to experience. As the Qur'an dispels all these, it is indeed a blessing for true believers.

In the Qur'an we have a cure from greed, envy, and evil thoughts. All these cause sickness of the heart and mind, leading to debility and utter ruin. As the Qur'an cures these, it is a tool of grace bestowed by God on those who truly believe in Him.

The Qur'an also provides a cure from deviant thoughts and feelings. It protects the mind from going far astray, while allowing it complete freedom within its fruitful pursuits. It stops the mind from wasting its energy over what is devoid of use. It lays down for it a sound approach that ensures good and useful results. 

The same principle applies to the human body, ensuring that its resources are utilized for what is useful and fruitful, steering human beings away from the suppression of natural desires or indulgence without restraint. 

Thus it ensures a healthy body. In this again we see that the Qur'an is a means of God's grace that is bestowed on believers.

There is also in the Qur'an a cure for social ailments that weaken the structure of society and destroy its peace and security. Under the social system established by the Qur'an, society enjoys perfect justice in peace and security. This is again a further aspect of grace bestowed through the Qur'an.

However, the Qur'an [only adds to the ruin of the evildoers] (Al-Israa' 17:82). They make no use of the cure it provides or the blessings it brings about. They look with dismay at the believers as they feel proud to be among the followers of the Qur'an. 

In their stubborn arrogance, the evildoers persist with their corrupt and unjust methods. Yet in this life, they are defeated by the followers of the Qur'an, which makes them losers. In the life to come, they suffer for their arrogant disbelief and tyranny, and thus they lose again. Hence the Qur'an adds to their ruin.

When man is left to his own devices, without the cure and blessing of the Qur'an, and without consistent restraint of his whims and desires, he moves between two extremes: when he enjoys good fortune, he is arrogant and ungrateful, and when he experiences hardship he is given to despair. 

[Yet when We bestow Our blessings on man, he turns his back and draws arrogantly aside, and when he is afflicted by evil he gives himself up to despair] (Al-Israa' 17:83).

Blessings and good fortune lead to arrogance unless one remembers where they come from and give thanks to God who bestowed them. On the other hand, when people are afflicted by difficulty and hardship, they are easily lost in despair unless they trust in God and hope to receive His grace. It is when one truly relies on God that one feels that hardship will give way to what is better. This makes it clear that faith ensures God's grace in situations of ease and difficulty alike.

The verses then states that everyone and every camp acts according to the path it follows. The final verdict on methods and actions is left to God alone: 

[Say: Everyone acts according to his own disposition. Your Lord is fully aware as to who has chosen the best path] (Al-Israa' 17: 84). 

In this statement we have an implicit warning as to the results of approaches and deeds. Hence, everyone needs to heed the warnings and strive to follow the path of divine guidance which is available to all.

By: Sayed Qutb
Muslim Intellectual — Egypt

This article is based on the English translation of the author's work Fi Zilal Al-Qur'an (In the Shade of the Qur'an), Volume XI, Trans. and ed. by Adil Salahi, published by The Islamic Foundation and IslamOnline.net.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Glands in ants' bodies produce formic acid (H2CO2) 4 Ants regularly spread this chemical substance, with its antibiotic properties, over their bodies, thus preventing bacteria and fungi from growing on themselves and in their nest.

That ants secrete this "disinfectant" acid in their own bodies and know how to use it is astonishing. Even more amazing, however, is that other creatures are also aware of their ability.
Some species of bird also use this acid in ants. Though unable to secrete chemical substances themselves, they frequently visit anthills and let the ants crawl among their feathers, leaving behind the formic acid they produce—and thus ridding themselves of all their parasites.

 (FA). Formic Acid

How does the ant know that formic acid is effective against fungi—let alone the chemical formula for that acid? How is it that the ant comes to no harm, while producing such a dangerous acid in its body? Moreover, how do birds know that they can use ants' formic acid to get rid of parasites?
 First, we need to question how this chemical substance came into being. It is totally impossible for any chemical substance that serves a specific purpose to arise by chance. Any error in the synthesis of formic acid will mean that it loses its antibiotic properties, and run the risk of harmful, poisonous substances being created.

 That being so, it's most illogical to maintain that the ant synthesized this substance on its own, or that the ant's body produces it by chance. Leaving that aside, let's assume that formic acid's formula emerged fully and complete.

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Israeli court sentences Palestinian journalist to 3 months imprisonment

"An Israeli court sentenced on Thursday the correspondent of Al-Aqsa TV Channel in the West Bank to three months imprisonment and ordered him to pay 2000 shekel fine (550 U.S. dollars).

The Palestinian reporter was arrested without clear charges on March 8, 2013, while covering the anti-settlement weekly march in the town of Kafr Qaddum, near the city of Nablus."

SOURCE:  Palestinian Information Center
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