A Scientific Explanation for Ghosts?

Are you hearing weird sounds, briefly seeing ghostly images, feel a presence in the room with you, or an inexplicable and sudden sense of overwhelming fear?

Marriage: God’s Gift to Humanity

A couple is able to fully give love and devotion to each other, raise healthy children who are fully secure in having both a loving father and mother Marriage is an exclusive right given to human beings.

Maths is a Problem? The Solution for all types of Maths in a Second.

Maths becomes the hardest subject to many people, interestingly even some Maths Teachers troubles to get Answered, Now that problem is Solved. Now you can get your questions answered in seconds...

Can We Breath Other Gasses Mixed With Oxygen?

A s you may or may not know, oxygen is only second most abundant gas in what we call ‘air’. Nitrogen takes the top spot, accounting for ...


Someone framed them, I don't know who exactly did it. They cowards they shot the boy dead, there are cops like this. Those are my kids, you know, I am afraid for my other boy, may be he will be shot dead too. They should arrest him, may be bring him but alive, alive. Justice should decide who is right and who is guilty.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon bombs: Live Report

0109 GMT: Authorities announce that there will be no further updates until tomorrow morning so we are closing the Live Report on the bombings at the iconic Boston Marathon that killed three people and injured more than 100. Authorities have said they do not know who is behind the attacks or why, specifically declining to suggest whether the perpetrators might be foreign or American. The investigation will continue in the coming days and weeks.
 0058 GMT: Police confirm that three people were killed and more than 100 people were injured in the attack, but they decline to give specifics or confirm that a child was among those killed.
 0052 GMT: Police Commissioner Ed Davis vows to find the perpetrator or perpetrators of the twin blasts. "We will turn every rock over to find whoever did this."
0048 GMT: Patrick says everyone should expect tight security around the city tomorrow, especially on public transportation. He said the FBI has taken the lead in the investigation of the attack.

Leonhard Euler

  Leonhard Euler (1707-1783) was arguably the greatest mathematician of the eighteenth century (His closest competitor for that title is Lagrange) and one of the most prolific of all time; his publication list of 886 papers and books may be exceeded only by Paul Erdös. Euler's complete works fill about 90 volumes. Remarkably, much of this output dates from the the last two decades of his life, when he was totally blind.

  Euler's important contributions were so numerous that terms like "Euler's formula" or "Euler's theorem" can mean many different things depending on context. Just in mechanics, one has Euler angles (to specify the orientation of a rigid body), Euler's theorem (that every rotation has an axis), Euler's equations for motion of fluids, and the Euler-Lagrange equation (that comes from calculus of variations). The "Euler's formula" with which most American calculus students are familiar defines the exponentials of imaginary numbers in terms of trigonometric functions.
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