A Scientific Explanation for Ghosts?

Are you hearing weird sounds, briefly seeing ghostly images, feel a presence in the room with you, or an inexplicable and sudden sense of overwhelming fear?

Marriage: God’s Gift to Humanity

A couple is able to fully give love and devotion to each other, raise healthy children who are fully secure in having both a loving father and mother Marriage is an exclusive right given to human beings.

Maths is a Problem? The Solution for all types of Maths in a Second.

Maths becomes the hardest subject to many people, interestingly even some Maths Teachers troubles to get Answered, Now that problem is Solved. Now you can get your questions answered in seconds...

Can We Breath Other Gasses Mixed With Oxygen?

A s you may or may not know, oxygen is only second most abundant gas in what we call ‘air’. Nitrogen takes the top spot, accounting for ...


Someone framed them, I don't know who exactly did it. They cowards they shot the boy dead, there are cops like this. Those are my kids, you know, I am afraid for my other boy, may be he will be shot dead too. They should arrest him, may be bring him but alive, alive. Justice should decide who is right and who is guilty.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Best Misunderstanding Ever..

Wife comes home late at night and quietly opens the door to her bedroom.
 From under the blanket she sees four legs instead of two! 
She reaches for a baseball bat and starts hitting the blanket as hard as she can. 
Once she's done, she goes to the kitchen to have a drink.
 As she enters, she sees her husband there, reading a magazine.
 "Hi darling", he says, 
"your parents have come to visit us,
 so I let them stay in our bedroom.
 Hope you have said hello to them

-Inspire Your Friends

Dalai Lama condemns Buddhist attacks on Muslims in Myanmar and Sri Lanka

The Dalai Lama has implored Buddhist monks in Myanmar and Sri Lanka to put an end to a series of recent attacks on Muslims in their countries, according news agencies.

The media quoted the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader as having said on Tuesday night that he was concerned about the ongoing wave of attacks. He was responding to questions following a speech he delivered to 15,000 people at the University of Maryland. He condemned all killing being carried out in the name of religion and then turned to his own religion.

Dalai Lama alleged that Buddhists, including monks, were responsible for recent violence against Muslims in Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

Myanmar has been wracked by sectarian violence that has displaced tens of thousands over the past year, while Sri Lankan Buddhist groups have recently attacked Muslim businesses.

Thanks: The Island (http://www.island.lk)
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